Rearrange the new seating tables at the end of the parking lot between Summit and Pickled Peach. At the moment, one of the tables blocks the only curb-cut for wheelchairs, carts, and strollers.

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Idea: Agriculture

Emmanuel OBELE Maria 10 months ago

Cassava cultivating and processing business.

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Davidson claims to be a progressive city. The hypocrisy in this is disgusting. I am appalled that "Roosevelt Wilson" park continues the name. I will be filing a petition to change the racist name of the park. Princeton to remove Woodrow Wilson's name from school, citing his...

Ann Mead over 1 year ago

As we are all aware the Coronavirus is spreading quickly and the impact to our community could be significant. The next 3 weeks are critical. I encourage the town to put together a Coronavirus Task Force. Project Manager to Manage the Following Tasks such as...Testing for Residents, Telehealth, Isolation Wards (Old IB School and Gym could be converted, or hotels in the area), Contingency and Risk / Mitigation Plan, Pooling resources with neighboring towns (Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville). Connect with Governor Cooper on planning, preparedness, support and resources.

Please consider postpoining 251 School Property events until the coronavirus situation is contained. There is no rush in moving forward with this project and conducting public input sessions while the health and safety of the community is at risk. What liabilities is the town willing risk in conducting these sessions at this time. A 2 month pose would be advisable.

Davidson should set up an ice skating rink in town for late November through February. Remote outdoor rinks get a lot of business in the winter seasons and the town could easily make money off of it to help keep our town beautiful.

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Pat Helmandollar about 2 years ago

Absolutely we should move forward on subsidized housing. I read earlier that someone requested no tax dollars to be used for this. If it can be done using developers' fees and building permits, then do that. Otherwise, do what needs to be done to support these people. I believe in helping everyone!

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