This appeared to have begun some 3 years ago and never completed (another layer of asphalt? a finishing surface? I'm not sure what it entails). I live on the corner of Beaty and Armour and park outside of my Town Home. The quality of the roadway mentioned affects my daily comings and goings, as well as residents as far West as Community School of Davidson.

The proposed link of trail located, one adjacent to Grey Road to Abersham Park and the other two linked to Fisher Park have been listed as proposed since 2008. It is dangerous to ride Grey Road to the park, but is the only way to get there via bicycle. The town brands itself as a bicycle community, and completing the trails to these beautiful parks will help the town live up to its branding and public image, not to mention making their bicycling citizens proud and very happy.


Please hood and shield the outdoor lights at 251 South Street to reduce the glare, lower the brightness of the bulbs, and place the lights on a timer so that they turn off at a set time each night (perhaps 8:30 pm?). This will allow residents in the area to sleep at night. Currently the lights are so bright it is trying to sleep on an airport runway or inside a football stadium. The bright lights shine in in residents’ bedroom windows all night long, and it is having an adverse effect on our health and our children’s health. Lighting adjustments will lower the town’s electrical bill and improve the town’s livability. Thank you.

Paint the library facade and update the planters on Main Street.

Does anyone know when they will finish the trail off of Spring Street? They created the bridge and just stopped. Why create and spend money on a bridge that they don't intend to use? It's been several years and is starting to fall apart.

Hi there! Since living in Davidson just in the past 5 years, I have seen significant growth with more and more families moving here but not many options for public recreational facilities. A new large playground for a range of ages is in demand as well as a public pool etc. We were on a 3 year wait list just to get into the swimming hole which comes at a very high cost for many families seeing how the season is so short.

After visiting the town of Blowing Rock I was very impressed with their Public/Community amenities that engaged all community members. They got it right and they are a much smaller town. I highly suggest anyone who makes decisions for the town of Davidson to go see it for themselves!

In the center of downtown Blowing Rock they have a Brand new Playground that caters to a wide range of ages. There are Public Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball courts as well. Including a Rec Stand where they allow Guests to check out FREE items like basketballs, Pickle Ball Sets, Tennis Raquets and Volley balls! I found this to be incredible. This town is including everyone. I saw kids on the playground, Families including ours renting out a Pickle sets and playing games together. Teens playing volleyball and basketball and plenty of seating for people to enjoy the scene. The Blowing Rock community is mostly made up of retired folks but they saw the value to include such amenities for the many families that come to visit year round whether they be grandkids, or tourists, it is a very inclusive and welcoming community. Not to mention they also have a public pool with a minimal entrance fee. I would love to see Roosevelt Wilson Park reimagined or the location on South Street that is currently under Construction for the New Town Building as a space to include such amenities. If Davidson wants to be progressive and inclusive this would be a big step in the right direction. Anyways those are my dreams for this town.

Add a stop sign and/or a cross walk before the intersection of Grey and Pine Roads in town. The sidewalk on Grey Road has been an excellent addition, but it's very difficult and dangerous to cross Concord Road. I've seen several people sprinting across. The addition of a stop sign or cross walk would help the residents of Grey and Pine Roads to turn their respective left due to increased traffic. Currently very difficult and albeit dangerous for motorists, school buses, and pedestrians.

I think kids' play areas should be mandatory in medium and high-density developments with very little backyard. This would be taking care of the kids health. Example Mayes hall development needs one. Park with benches is not enough

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As the town of Davidson has grown, more and more car-dependent suburbs have sprung up on roads leading into the downtown area. Additionally, Main Street is only a segment of NC 115, an important arterial road for our region a bit more broadly. The confluence of Concord and main naturally brings a lot of challenges for managing the flow of traffic and of people across those two roads. As a pedestrian, crossing over Main Street can be daunting. Drivers appear to be very focused on their car, their lane, the car in front of them, or the on-street parking they are trying to snag before someone else. They tend not to be focused on the pedestrians, the ones on the sidewalk, or desperately waiting for someone to stop and let them cross. The crosswalks we have in town reflect our deference to the car very plainly: the “high visibility” strobing lights and bright retro-reflective signs are attempts to grab as much of the attention of drivers as we can, short of actually changing our streets.

I’ve been fortunate to have grown up in a place like Davidson. I’ve spent most of my 25 years of life in this town. I’ve seen it grow considerably in that time. More houses, more people, more cars. Davidson has a lot of potential to be a better town for the people that live here by reinforcing our progress on bike infrastructure and public pedestrian spaces. Davidson is well-situated to be a hub for bicyclists and pedestrians, if only we could make their journeys to get here safer.

The current bike infrastructure is disjointed, with painted lanes coming in and out of existence, pushing cyclists out into the lane with cars. Riding between cars is a very unpleasant experience on a bike. It’s hot, the air is really bad, and you’re stuck between the bumpers of the biggest cause of death for someone on two wheels: cars. If you’ve been riding long enough, you know someone personally who has been killed on a bike, by a car. Likewise, the “improvements” to our crosswalks in this town have all come at the cost of the lives of our friends and community members. How many deaths will it take before we prioritize our lives over our cars?

The pandemic showed us a way out: we can change our public spaces to benefit more people. We can put tables and umbrellas out for more outdoor seating, add a new (long-needed) crosswalk mid-block, and even facilitate ebike rentals in front of a few shops. We come together as a community at the green, listening to live music, buying and selling art, celebrating our community, fundraising for good causes. We come for the Davidson farmers market and we strengthen our town and community.

The new proposal for the “Clark Center” includes a parking requirement that they are going to have a hard time meeting without assistance from the town, and the town doesn’t have many good options if they are forced to accommodate cars. So, why don’t we reduce the number of cars needed to exist in our community? If it’s safe and practical to get downtown on a bike/ebike or public transit, people will use that option. If they’re not worried about riding between a line of parked cars (potentially about to open their doors at any moment) or the moving line of cars in the lane (that may not be giving them enough space to coexist safely), then they’ll actually use their bikes to get around. Painted bike lanes are not safe for cyclists as they currently exist in Davidson.

We have a long way to go as a country, as a state, and as a town of addressing the big problems we see in our society and in our environment. We’re out of balance. We’re tired of this. We’ve had multiple 100+ heat index days this week, and we’re due for more next week. Our dependence on fossil fuel is changing our environment and we’ve known it for a long time now. We need to make changes now to alleviate how much worse it is going to get in the next few years and decades. Has the Town of Davidson secured any funding via the infrastructure bill? Are there state or county funds that could be used to install and improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure? Public transit?

I am ultimately hopeful for Davidson, I think we have good people in this town. We have a ways to go, but we can do the work.


The attached image is an example of the sign which is used throughout the Nashville downtown area at crosswalks. Crosswalk safety is a joint responsibility between pedestrian and driver. I found these signs a good reminder of my responsibility as a pedestrian while transiting the Nashville city streets.

Perhaps this simple sign could enhance pedestrian safety in Davidson as well?