• Hi there! Since living in Davidson just in the past 5 years, I have seen significant growth with more and more families moving here but not many options for public recreational facilities. A new large playground for a range of ages is in demand as well as a public pool etc. We were on a 3 year wait list just to get into the swimming hole which comes at a very high cost for many families seeing how the season is so short.

    After visiting the town of Blowing Rock I was very impressed with their Public/Community amenities that engaged all community members. They got it right and they are a much smaller town. I highly suggest anyone who makes decisions for the town of Davidson to go see it for themselves!

    In the center of downtown Blowing Rock they have a Brand new Playground that caters to a wide range of ages. There are Public Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball courts as well. Including a Rec Stand where they allow Guests to check out FREE items like basketballs, Pickle Ball Sets, Tennis Raquets and Volley balls! I found this to be incredible. This town is including everyone. I saw kids on the playground, Families including ours renting out a Pickle sets and playing games together. Teens playing volleyball and basketball and plenty of seating for people to enjoy the scene. The Blowing Rock community is mostly made up of retired folks but they saw the value to include such amenities for the many families that come to visit year round whether they be grandkids, or tourists, it is a very inclusive and welcoming community. Not to mention they also have a public pool with a minimal entrance fee. I would love to see Roosevelt Wilson Park reimagined or the location on South Street that is currently under Construction for the New Town Building as a space to include such amenities. If Davidson wants to be progressive and inclusive this would be a big step in the right direction. Anyways those are my dreams for this town.

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